Tips & Techniques for a Successful Audio Call
Before the Call
  • Plan ahead!
  • Advise participants of the TeleConference date, time, and expected duration.
  • Provide all printed materials to participants in advance.
  • Let people know that you will start promptly.
  • Remember ... equipment makes a difference.
  • Speakerphones should be of the highest quality available.
  • Be aware that air-to-ground and cellular phones may adversely affect sound quality and plan accordingly.
  • During the Call
  • Take roll call.
  • Begin with the agenda and meeting ground rules.
  • Direct questions and comments to specific individuals or locations.
  • Encourage participation and keep things moving.
  • Choose a date and time for your next TeleConference while everyone is still on the line.
  • Ask Participants to
  • Speak naturally.
  • Identify themselves when speaking.
  • Pause for others to comment.
  • Spell out unusual terms, names, and numbers.
  • Mute the speakerphone microphone when not speaking.
  • Seat key participants closest to the speakerphone or use a handset if possible.
  • Avoid putting phones on hold - phone systems with music-on-hold will disrupt the TeleConference.
  • After the Call
  • Follow up.
  • Call to reserve your next TeleConference.

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