Using AT&T Conference Monitor

Using the AT&T Conference Monitor, you can monitor and control your conference over the Internet.

To login enter the following:

Access Code: The Access Code that has been assigned to your TeleConference.
Host Password: The Access Code that has been assigned to your TeleConference.

Supported Browsers

To use the AT&T Conference Monitor, you need a compatible Web browser. Conference Monitor supports Netscape 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or Mozilla 1.4. Javascript must be enabled.

Working with Your Conference

The AT&T Conference Monitor interface offers a visual, point-and-click alternative to using touchtone commands for controlling your conference and changing Host options. The AT&T Conference Monitor interface offers enhanced participant information and control.

This section contains 13 buttons that let you control the conference. They are:


Current Conference Call Status Screen

Conference Status
Active Participants: Number of participants including Host on the call.
Annc. Tones: Indicates Off if silent entry, Tones, or Names.
Conf. Continuation: Indicates Active or Inactive.
Specialist: Indicates if Special Request is on or off.
Locked Conf.: Indicates if conference is locked or unlocked.
Recording: Indicates if Conference Record is on or off.


Changing Host Options

When you click Host Options on the AT&T Conference Monitor page, the Conference Options dialog box appears.

Here, you can change certain options affecting the Host account.

The configurable options may include:


Changing Current Conference Options

When you click Conf Opts on the AT&T Conference Monitor page, the Conference Options dialog box appears. Any change you make here affects only the current conference and is not saved for future conferences. Once the current conference ends, this setting automatically reverts to the Entry Announcement setting in the Conference Options dialog box.

Here, you can change how the entry and exit of participants is announced for the conference currently under way:


Working with Participants

The AT&T Conference Monitor offers far more capabilities for working with participants than is possible with the touchtone interface. The additional capabilities derive mostly from the Participant Information area.

Using Participant Information

The figure below shows the Participant Information section of the AT&T Conference Monitor. Here, you can view and manage the participants in the conference. The Participant List and Action Buttons areas are described in this section.

Participant List Tab:

- these are buttons that you click on to select the following:
Talk/Listen Mode
Request/Cancel a Specialist join the call.
Drop participant Line
Enter/Edit participant name
Hear name of participant on line
Remove line from list


Conference Details Tab


Dialing Out from AT&T Conference Monitor

The AT&T Conference Monitor supports the same simple dial-out process that is available using touchtones, which is most often used to add another participant to an existing conference.

Adding a Participant

Follow the steps below to add a participant to a conference that is under way and to which the Host is connected:

  1. Click the Dial button. The "Dial Window" dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the phone number you want to dial (without dashes or parentheses). Then click Dial.
  3. You can assign a name to each participant by selecting each entry and clicking on the pencil action button and typing the name into it.

Note: The host can connect or disconnect the line using touchtone commands. In this case, the host talks directly to the participant prior to rejoining the conference. See the Touchtone Commands section.

Resolving AT&T Conference Monitor Problems

If you have trouble logging into the Conference Monitor, verify that:

  1. Your computer has access to the Internet.
  2. You are using the correct Web address
  3. You are using a supported Web browser as specified in ďSupported BrowserĒ.
  4. You entered the correct Access Phone Number, Access Code, and Host Password in the login dialog box. If this fails, contact Customer Care at 800-586-1749 or 205-206-2114.

Touchtone Commands

Hosts can interact with the service using either the Web-based AT&T Conference Monitor interface or their touchtone telephone keypads. Participants can use a more limited set of touchtone commands.

The touchtone commands described below are:

Conference Commands

While in conference, participants can use touchtone commands to control their participation and, in the case of the Host, conference operation.

The Hostís account options and feature settings determine which commands are available and to whom. The table below describes the commands that may be available in conference.

Touchtone commands available in conference:

Touchtone Command Availability
*0 Request that a Specialist speak privately to the requesting individual. Host and Participant
00 Request that a Specialist join the conference. Host and Participant
*1 Dial out to a participant. Host (if account includes Dial Out option)
*2 Conference Record Ė Begin, Pause, & End recording Host
*3 Change entry/exit announce setting (for current conference only). Host
*4 Lock the conference so that no one else can join. Host
*5 Unlock the conference so that additional participants can join. Host
*6 Mute the requesting individualís line. Host and participant
*7 Unmute the individualís line. Host and participant
*8 Toggle Conference Continuation on or off. Host
*9 Play (to the requesting individual) the number of participants in conference and the names recorded upon entry into the conference. Host and participant
*# Play (to the requesting individual) the count of participants in the conference. Host and participant
## Mute all lines except Host (and, if present, Specialist). Host
99 Unmute all lines. Host
** Play (to the requesting individual) a help message describing the available touchtone commands. Host and participant


Dial-Out Commands

The Host can press *1 to begin dialing out. The Host is then prompted to enter the phone number to be dialed. The table below shows the touchtone commands available to the Host after the number is dialed.

Touchtone commands available after dialing out:

Connect self and the participant dialed to the conference
Connect the participant dialed to the conference and dial another participant.
Disconnect the line and rejoin self to the conference.
Disconnect the line and dial another participant.


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